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Premium, Reserve, & Specialty-Grade Coffee for high-functioning humans
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A High-Functioning Human With EXTRAORDINARY Abilities (one who doesn't drink basic coffee).
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Empower, Nourish, & Unite Humanity. One cup at a time.


I can totally taste the difference in quality. You'll appreciate this liquid hug when you need that extra boost!

Metahuman Super Coffee Company Testimonial from Allison Island FL
Jacqueline, from Allison Island, FL

WOW, this coffee is delicious. Not only is the flavor awesome but the smell of the grounds is amazing and the packing is sleek. Makes my countertop look more manly in the kitchen! Will buy again.

Brock, from Sacramento, CA

This coffee tastes and smells amazing. Very high quality. Many flavors and origins to choose from, as well as product weight and grind options. Easy online ordering and fast shipping.

Metahuman Super Coffee Company testimonial from Norwalk CA
Robert, from Norwalk, CA
Mexican Chocolate Hazelnut Cowboy Blend Mocha French Vanilla

Premium, Reserve, & Specialty-Grade

Some call it LIFE SUPPORT, we call it SUPER COFFEE...

Nostalgia through aroma and taste begins with this premium, reserve, & specialty-grade coffee. Proudly roasted in the U.S.A. the DAY IT SHIPS for maximum taste and freshness. Our flavored craft coffees start as specialty-grade, single-origin coffee beans, roasted with love in small batches to a perfect finish. Shop our carefully curated selection of coffee beans from around the world, chosen by our artisan gourmet coffee roasters. Various origins, flavors, product weight, and grind options available for you to choose; to get you to that perfect cup. Upgrade your energy to upgrade your world. Activate the METAHUMAN inside you today!


OFFICIAL MERCH OF HIGH-FUNCTIONING HUMANS. Let the world know you don't do basic.


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Metahuman Super Coffee Company Rainforest Alliance